Reply To: Should I be angry?

February 29, 2008 at 6:37 pm

Kelly,That has happened to Kevin before too.* Because everything else runs so smoothly and the teachers and principal are so supportive, I chose to not make a big deal about it.* It was last year when we had that 100 degree weather and the sub made them run a mile run around the school.* Kevin tried to explain that if he needed to quit before the mile was finished, he was allowed to. The teacher pushed him to finish, which he did, but he paid for it later that night.

The next day I went to the principal, and we decided that when Kevin is in a gym situation with a sub, he has to tell them right away that we have an arangement with the principal that Kevin can only do what he is able. If he feels the teacher is not receptive, he is to tell the teacher that he needs to go to the office and then the principal will explain the situation.

I always TRY to go in with a calm mindset when something arises, because I do not want to get anyone mad. I NEED their support and help, and might need more later. I try not to burn any bridges. I am nervous about seventh and eighth grade, they do the mile run every day, and one of the gym teachers is super jock and the other one is named Cruella Deville. I can’t wait!
Good luck! I hope Emily is not scared to go back to gym.