Reply To: 2008 – Nascar

February 16, 2008 at 5:21 pm

I am not going to be late for the first one of the year !!!

It’s hard to calculate who’s engine will blow, and what act of stupidity will take out which driver at what time. But thankfully, I had a “deep time” conversation with none other than NOSTRADAMUS himself. While his quatrains were difficult to interpret, here is what I came up with :

“The man in Black will usher forth a son
Who will languish in the mother’s shadow.
When he breaks from the fold
Victory shall be at hand”

and Quatrain 20

“Orange and white will burst out from the field
The man from Miller, who is in Blue shall challenge
The Orange shall prevail on the track
And in the hauler”

and quatrain 24

“Rainbows shall spew forth
Heralding the coming of the Warrior.
But his challenge shall fall short
His movements were known to all.”

So I make my picks as follows:

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 88
2. Tony Stewart 20
3. Jimmie Johnson 48
4. Mark Martin 8
5. Reed Sorensen 41
6. Jeff Gordon 24
7. Martin Truex Jr. 1
8. Michael Waltrip 55
9. Kevin Harvick 29
10 Dave Blaney 22
11. Jeff Burton 31
12. Matt Kenseth 17
13. Joe Nemecheck
14. Carl Edwards 99
15. Casey Mears 5

Every body have a great Sunday afternoon !!

Nothin’ beats racin’ on Sunday, plus a fun game with some good friends

Dick S