Reply To: need input

January 25, 2008 at 1:11 am

Fairyodd mother,
First of all, I am writing to you from experience as I too have anxiety and depression and am on Welbutrin. Welbutrin tends to rev things up so either a lower dose or adding another stabalizer such as prozac can be the answer. I was on 150mg of Welbutrin and wanted to climb out of my skin so we went to 75mg and added prozac and it has been miraculous. That being said, you may be differant and may need a whole differant cocktail. The other thing is that depression is a very nebulous thing. You may not feel you are depressed but physically you may be manifesting depressive symptoms. I strongly suggest you consult your physician and not rule out depression which is part of the anxiety. I hope this helps. I soo know how you are feeling and it is fixable. Make the call.
let us know how you do.
All my best,