Reply To: Depressed

January 24, 2008 at 7:14 pm

Chances are that you are not in a relapse but are experiencing what we call “residuals” ~ all the stuff left behind to deal with after the event. I am sorry! For those of us on the forums, this is our life. We never “got over it” even tho we were told we would 😮 Very often, when one feels like it is a relapse, the residuals are flaring up because the body is over-tired. I’m not talking about the kind of tired when you take a nap and wow, life is good again! Every time you over do, it taxes what healthy nerves are left, to do everyone’s job and it puts a stain on the nerves that are trying to heal. Nerve healing takes a longer time than anything else in the body.

Gene is our constant ‘reminderer’ to rest, rest, rest! And yes, your body is on the mend, so take good care of it 🙂