Reply To: Update on Me

December 3, 2007 at 8:33 am

Stacey, Thats Good News that Your Mom was able to be home for those 2 weeks. I’m sorry to hear she is in soo much pain and back in the hospital. You All are in My Thoughts and Prayers. My Grandmother-in-Law had the same type of spine fractures, that is soo unfair that Your Mom has to deal with that on top of her Lung issues.
You Hug that Sweet Young Man of Yours for Me also:) I know how you feel when you look at him, I do the same with my son. I watched the Rodeo on tv yesterday and thought of You 2:) Glad to hear you are getting some use from your afos-I’m proud of You Girl!!;) Please try to Take Good Care of Yourself during these stressful times. Big Hugs!