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November 10, 2007 at 3:52 pm

I think I might have the answer to my own question.

Emily was dx’d with an 8 MM Chiari Malformation. A Chiari Malformation happens when the tonsils grow outside of the area they are supposed to be in. So, since Emily has giant tonsils they’ve gone outside the normal area.

There is a possibility of the tonsils interrupting the flow of CSF from the spine to the brain. If that occurs then that is when surgery takes place.

Now I need to find out if we should have Emily’s tonsils removed & if that might make a difference in her recovery. And if it’s possible to have her giant tonsils removed since they’ve grown outside of where they should have. I read on [url][/url] of 1 person being cured of CIDP after having their tonsils removed. Now I’m wondering if that person really had CIDP or if it was just a Chiari Malformation.

Just more to research, I suppose.

Kelly (addicted to Google today!)