Reply To: Neurontin

November 30, 2008 at 2:14 pm

Hi Carol, you can find out all interactions, side effects and uses on any drug at medscape dot com, you might have to sign up to use it but its free and they don’t give out your info. Its the source many drs use. I use gabapentin(neurontin) also, yes in the beginning it can cause drowsiness, but your body will get use to it in a matter of days to weeks. I take 900 at bedtime and it will make me drowsy until I get worked up to the right level again-I stop taking it when I have less pain, then take it as I need to for increased pain. I am suppossed to be on 600 a.m., 600 pm and 900 bedtime. I don’t like taking meds because of too many reaction problems, but have not had reactions to gaba amazingly. Glad you found something to give you some relief. Take Care!