Reply To: questions…

October 12, 2007 at 12:48 pm

Dear Frightened Friends ~ in a word, yes. It is not unusual for residuals to flare when a person is under stress. A cold, flu, virus, etc. are a stress on the body and therefore can exacerbate symptoms (just as emotional stress can do). [I][U]And[/U][/I] it can be very scary 😮 Americans are use to controlling every little thing in their life. FOM ~ you did everything you possibly could to avoid this! And I believe that it is important to do all that we can for prevention. But, you still breath the same air as everyone else and you still touch objects that others have, etc. etc. Early on I would even were a mask during the winter months when I had to be in public areas (I actually became a hermit for several years). But you only need 1 person to go outside of the home to introduce a virus or bacteria. Just remember, as [I]Gene would tell you, rest, rest, rest.[/I] We need so much more than the “average” person because of this disease process. Don’t fight it ~ enjoy it! It’s a great time for reading, watching a movie, writing a letter and drinking lots of herbal tea to stay hydrated. Dehydration will make any illness worse because the body has to work so much harder to stay balanced.

To your health 🙂