Reply To: newbie with questions

September 25, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Did you have an MRI to see if your optical nerves were affected?

My 6 year old has CIDP and when she was originally dx’d in Dec 2005 her optical nerves were affected. She had blurred vision & her right eye was paralyzed.

I’m not extremely familiar with axonal GBS but I do know that once that axon’s are affected it takes MUCH longer to recover than from “regular” GBS.

Have you had any further testing to rule out other conditions as well? Or did you just get the GBS dx & that was it?

Once the GBS attack has been halted that means that the antibodies have let up on your nerves & you can begin to repair. If you are having new symptoms I would guess that the attack has not been halted. I would talk to your neurologist about doing an MRI of the brain & spine, and a repeat EMG (to compare with the last one), at the very least.

Good luck,