Reply To: Scared

August 17, 2007 at 11:57 am

You guys are so kind. God brings us to others in the weirdest ways. If it had not been for Kevies illness and my stumbling across this sight, we never would have met (cyber met anyway) I wonder if everyone on this site really realizes how much understanding and kindness we get from each other. I do not even have GBS and you guys help me, how wonderful you all are!

Kevie is feeling a little more energetic today, the breathing issue has seemed to subside by half. I guess it doesn’t matter if it was from the cold or his body catching up from the Wisconsin Dells trip, as long as it is going away. When he woke up today, he actually said he has not slept this good in a long time. I think that the melatonin that the doc suggested for sleeping is helping as well.

Thanks again, you guys are really the best, what would I do without you?

Dawn Kevies mom 😮