Reply To: Scared

August 17, 2007 at 11:49 am

Dawn, stop apologizing to us, you know we are here for you as well as your family members. No matter what the problem is, we are here for you. Let it out Hun!! We do understand your frustration. I agree with what others have wrote, you need to care for yourself first, then deal with the other problems one at a time. You’re the Strength for Kevie, you need to destress so you can be an even Better Mom then you already are. You are a Wonderful Mom, doing all the research for Kevie, I just wish there was a manuel with all the answers to all the questions to this syndrome to make it easier and less stressful on everybody. But since there are sooo many unknowns about it there are no clearcut answers.
Kevie might be just having a delayed response to all the activity of your vacation, it sounds like you all had a great time, and that in itself can lead to a lower energy level. Maybe a week of less activity will help, movie time, video time, just general relaxing-whatever way is easier on you and Kevie. Just as Kevie needs time to reenergize his batteries, you need to reenergize yourself. I know its hard to put your needs up front, before your families and kids’ needs, but it sounds like it would do you good right now. Take alot of deep breaths, sit in a comfy chair with a tall glass of something refreshing, and just reconnect to your inner you. You will have a renewed view of life, problems and family needs, but most important is the way you feel mentally, Refreshed and ready to go at it again. email me anytime, for any reason! HUGE HUGS!!!