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October 11, 2006 at 4:42 pm

[QUOTE=Stephanie]Hi… I have a question about vaccines. My father has been diagnosed with miller fisher and it is not yet known whether he will recover. He has double vision, eyes that do not focus or move properly, some facial numbness, and has been treated with the immune globulin and plasma exchange 5 times but we still have not seen a whole lot of improvement, actually none, and it has been 2 months. Anyhow, I was wondering if he should get a flu vaccine before this winter or would that be a bad idea?[/QUOTE]
Stephanie – I was dx’d with Miller Fisher 3/06 did not get my vision back until around 4 months – the Drs told me eye exercies would not work but I did them anyway – just made myself keep the patch off and looking around the room or outside in the yard (my eyes were locked) – bottom line especially with Miller Fisher 1 out of 800,000 people get it they are not really sure what works and does not. I started improving after 4 months then started sliding back (I started back to work and NO rest) all I can say is rest, rest, nap, nap – from reading the forum for GBS, etc. with the cranal nerve it will not heal without resting – I wish my Drs would of been a little more forceful with me regarding that – especially the PT’s – with Miller Fisher your muscles are really not that involved just your nerves – I had a bit of my cerabelem? nerve affected as well – I did not receive the IVG for 6 days after onset. I have the facial thing, numb teeth, burning tongue, no salvae, shoulders and back ache, etc. What was your father’s protein count – mine was 93. If you don’t mind me asking how old is he – I am 59 yrs old and was in pretty good health except I had two knee replacements a year before that and they never heald!!
Good luck and go to GBS area as well.