Reply To: Newbie…

August 7, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Hey There

Now, now…society is just that, who cares what others think…your mind is
still there and working quite well. I, too, felt “abnormal” when I became
attached to a wheelchair, but, you know, people will think what they want.
Since then, I got back my spirit and said “screw them”. I am smater than the
average joe, I have a disease that prevents me from doing what I use to do.

I shampoo my carpet with a Bissell machine, I vacuum, I clean my windows,
wash my clothes, feed my cats, rake leaves in my backyard, etc. My food
shopping is done with my sister, since I don’t drive anymore.

Keep your spirit up and your mind always learning…

I’m divorced, but, if I was still married, my husband would have not taken too
kindly to this disease. So, you know what…I’m glad it came after the big
divorce. I have long since given up on trying to please people that stare
at the food store, or doctor’s office…they can only wish what I have done
and accomplished. It’s all about your outlook and how you feel.

I have not painted any walls, but I have painted a few doors…trimmed some
bushes…lol…so keep on.

Good luck on your painting…we are here to help, listen and encourage…

Miami Girl