Reply To: hello again

June 12, 2007 at 12:23 pm

Linda, many of us here have talked about fatigue. I have it too, almost constantly. I think it is because our body is reacting to the constant inflammation caused by CIDP as if it was an infection.

I also have backaches off and on. It was especially bad while I was confined to a wheel chair because of a fractured knee. Once I got out and started PT last week, the backache is almost gone. One of the exercises I do at home is “Bridging”. I am on a flat surface, head on a pillow, legs pulled toward me. I slowly raise my buttocks keeping the stomach tight. I hold it for 5 seconds and repeat this 10-15 times. Maybe this might help you.


The other day while staying at my daughter’s in Denver during my monthly IVIG, I looked at some chapters in one of her emergency medical books. She is an emergency doc. It said about backaches that there could be many different causes and that they go away by themselves in 80% of all cases within a few weeks. Unless the cause is obvious the physician should just wait and see. That might explain the attitude you encountered.