Reply To: Recently Diagnosed

May 28, 2007 at 8:11 pm

Sorry, the other part of your question. We occasionally flush with saline if there is burning. At the end of the infusion we flush with heparin to keep the vein open until the next day. Kevins infusions are as follows, 35 grams first day about 8 hours, second day 30g for 7 1/2 hours, third day 30g 71/2 hours. These are loading doses since Kevin gets his ivig 42 days apart which is a full life of the medication. You mentioned dextrose, I can say that we personally do not flush with dextrose, isn’t dextrose sugar? I can’t remember, I do know that the powder form of ivig has sugar in it and people have mentioned on this forum that people have gone into renal failure. The liquid ivig,(premixed, does not contain sugar and is safe regarding renal failure) I believe this would only be pertinent if you are diabetic. I was told by gammaguard, the ivig company that the powder form would no longer be available anyway unless you meet a certain medical criteria. Please remember, these are all things that I am in the process of learning as well, so please investigate. Good luck, I hope I have helped, Dawn Kevie’s mom 😮