Reply To: I’m Back

May 21, 2007 at 8:55 am

‘Ski, That is great news that you don’t have to use the walker anymore. share your weight loss secrets with me, Please!!! Like everyone is saying, don’t give up the hope of recovery, it will come. there are ways around everything if you can’t get it the first time. the drs only have very limited information on this gbs/cidp stuff, don’t go by what you are told. especially when there are living proof all around to the contrary. last year i couldn’t go fishing, i wanted to really bad. i’ve gone a number of times this year. it is possible, if you ask for help when you need it. my sister lives in Athens, WI, her husband goes out all the time and brings home fish almost every time he goes. Hope you were able to catch your limits this past weekend. take care.