Reply To: Questions

March 4, 2011 at 9:22 pm


I too have CIDP/Anti-Mag and I have been getting IVIG treatments since ’09, I had a wonderful dr. and I trusted her advice totally. Then, my group insurance changed and I had to change dr.’s….next dr. was a ditz….big mistake, after 6 mths of dr. bozo I found dr. #3. Wonderful man, total trust in him.
I have had my treatments at a hospital (most expensive for insurance to pay)
I have had them at an infusion center (next less expensive)
and now I may be getting a port inserted (don’t know that yet) but I will be getting them at home (least expensive-most comfortable). I have been very fortunate to have wonderful insurance.
You are on a long journey now and you came to the right place to get an education and plenty of support. It is vital you have good communications with your Dr.. If you trust her and she really know’s about this disease(so many Dr.’s don’t) please, try to start over on another foot and listen to her suggestions! Find out all you need to know about your disease and then your dr. and you can work as a team..I take Zonisamide 100mg 2x for nerve pain, Trazodone 100mg 1xp.m. Cymbalta-60mg,2x..when my insurance co. stopped my treatments once I ended up on Morphine at night and Vicodine at day….no more since treatments resumed..

God Bless’
Miss Judy