Reply To: New to CIDP and FRIGHTENED!

March 17, 2011 at 10:17 pm

I agree with goodney in the part about there not being just one piece of the puzzle. My case was GBS, although it took them 3 days for a final confirmation. I had tingling of the fingers and hands the whole day prior, and passed it off as carpel tunnel of the wrist, although I was off my feed that day. The following morning at 4am I stood up from the bed and the nerves that tell my knees how to work were already demylinated, so I ended up on the floor, with no use of my legs. The rest of my body didn’t feel all that bad at the time, however, it didn’t take long from the time the wife took me to emergency at 5:30 am, that the rest of me became immoble. No two people come down with it or recover from it the same way, that is for GBS. I talked with a GBS’er ten years out at the hospital, ( he was in for a mild stroke ),and for him, it took 3 weeks till onset, and his made it up to his waist, whereas mine went all the way up to the brain.
Good luck to you.