Reply To: mind games

May 2, 2007 at 1:55 pm

I have memory problems as well as speech issues. Pre-GBS, I could type 60wpm with no errors. Now, I’m much slower and cannot spell for anything.

I recently had a major memory lapse…I had an appointment and knew where the office was, but could not remember how to get to the street that would get me to the vicinity. Really freaked me out…especially since I’d driven that route almost daily to go to class before gbs.

I lose words all of the time. I’ve also developed a sort of stammer – kind of like I have to almost push the word out of my mouth. All of my symptoms are worse when I’m tired. I can’t think or make a decision.

My neurologist attributes it *all* to stress. I think it’s time I found a new neurologist.