Reply To: Transfer Factor

August 1, 2008 at 12:28 pm

FYI, transfer factor IS a product you can buy, so to some degree it is a sales pitch, not to mention no fda studies. The principal is the same, address the helper cells and the functions they are not doing. IVIG does this, they both are modulators, one insurance/fda approved, the other in the GNC category sales area. I really do think until the thymus gland disappears by age 50, years 0-25 being the most crucial, some where in the thymus gland and it’s function of tossing autoantibodies, is the cure to these autoimmune diseases. Until someone figures out what makes some peoples thymus gland malfunction, I think autoimmune issues are going to continue. Just my thought! As silly as it may be1
Dawn Kevies mom