Reply To: argh!

February 6, 2008 at 6:16 pm

I’m there with ya Lori!!! I have found that by using a firm neck pillow on top of a firm kingsize pillow running lengthwise ontop of a medium regular pillow running widthwise(pillows end up looking like a cross) it raises my upper body at just the right angle to lessen my snoring. I now have sleep apnea and lung/breathing issues and found I can breathe a smidge better when slightly elevated. My nose is affected by my nerve problems also, I can barely breathe through it-air moves just fine but isn’t nearly as powerful on inhaling as it once was. My swallowing was affected, throat still has some places that are affected as well. Have you tried simply saline before going to bed? I haven’t used it because I just can’t stand to spray anything liquid into my nose now, but I make my hubby use it(dr highly recommended it to him after his surg a couple yrs ago) and it helps him snore less and quieter.;) Take Care.