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September 23, 2010 at 12:09 am

diabetic neuropathy is not the same as cidp/gbs. They are continual demylienations, (continual with cidp) The pins and needles symptoms are the same, but it is typically in the hands and feet only with diabetic neuropathy. With gbs cidp, the process continues and can affect everything from the feet to the lungs, bowels bladder etc.

About the parkinsons, some medications can actually cause parkinsonian tendancies (anti psychotics, such as abilify, lexapro, neumenda excuse the spellings) The list goes on. Also, sometimes people with alzheimers are dx and givien these drugs which cause parkinsons symptoms. In reality alot of these alzheimers patients actually get worse on these drugs. Sometimes if people are taken off these drugs the parkinsons symptoms go away
(medicinally induced) Some of the drugs themselves could be causing the numbness. Many parkinsons drugs also are hard on the liver, but not sure about kidneys, regarding renal cancer. Has she lost weight recently? That could have caused the type 2 to disapate. just some ideas, take them for what they are worth.

What tests has she had done? NCV EMG? CRP regarding inflamation in the joints? The joint pain you mention would be independant of neuropathy if it is solely joint pain. Rheumatologists are generally helpful as well regaqrding tests, especially if there is joint pain.