Reply To: Fatigue

February 8, 2007 at 6:45 am

Fatigue is so debilitating! I am post GBS 12 years and my husband just hired a cleaning lady for us. She only comes every other week and does the kitchen and bathrooms. It feels so good when it’s done! And my husband does the vacuuming. Even tho our 2 bedroom, 1200 sq. ft. apartment isn’t that big most days it “feels like it”! But my greatest frustration is not being able to do the gardens like I use to . . . Sue is surely right about the grieving!

I am surprised that Gene hasn’t been by to tell you “rest, rest and more rest”! That is how our nerves heal. There’s no way to know all of which nerves were damaged, so the “more healthy ones” are trying to do their job and the jobs of the hurt nerves. That’s the fatigue! If you don’t slow down and get help from others, you could end up “flat down” and then the others would have to do what you were doing anyhow.

Oops ~ didn’t mean to lecture ~ just wanted to save you from the same “not listening to and caring for my body” results that I still deal with. 🙁