Reply To: Cymbalta

July 29, 2007 at 5:28 am

Well just thought I would check back with you all. I have been taking the Cymbalta for about a year now and it is doing wonders! I am taking the 60mg and the neuro pains have not come back. I still have the libido of a horse. But I don’t mind anymore. lol. It has made it harder for me to sleep, so the doctor put me on Ambien CR, which is helping alot when I need it. For those of you that have never taken AmbienCR, or are taking it or thinking about taking it… Make sure you take it and go straight to bed! If you don’t go straight to bed, you may find yourself somewhere else in the morning and not remember how you had gotten there. The one drawback of this drug is that if you take it and don’t go to sleep immediately it will cause amnesia. This can be very bad. Fortunately if you go to bed this little thing doesn’t really matter because you are sleeping. And I found you are able to remember your dreams. I thought that was interesting. Anyway just thought I would check up on ya’all.