Reply To: new member needs advice

November 22, 2006 at 11:40 am

Suzanne, yes we have come to the same conclusion. We spoke to the ombudswoman for social services in the State of Virginia and she says that the nursing home is required by law to give 30 days notice so that proper discharge planning take place. In Tim’s case he was told last Friday that he would be discharged on Monday. The nursing home says that Tim is a hospital patient and so this law does not apply to him and so we are seeing a lawyer who deals and litigates in health care matters at 2 today. You may ask where was the nursing home doctor in all of this? Well, I called the nursing home doctor on Friday and asked why he signed the discharge order and his reply was that the insurance company had cut off payment and if we gave them a credit card, he could stay, but that his wife would become a pauper very quickly. Therefore he thought that sending him home was better for his wife. I subsequently found out that if the doctor kept him after payment was cut off by Cigna, he personally would have to pay Tim’s bill. He conflict of interest is incredible. I think I have enough to write a book about this case, but in the meantime we have to get him to a safe place where at least he can have a decent chance for recovery. I keep thinking that there is no way the insurance company can behave this way, but I am told I am naive. I will keep you posted. Thanks, Richard