Reply To: IVIG dosage

October 31, 2006 at 12:12 pm

Maintenance doses are based on what you each person needs individually. Some people can go 4-6 weeks between them & some a shorter period of time. It’s just what works for you. And you may not get it right to begin with, it’s something that takes time to figure out.

Along with taking Tylenol & Benadryl you should make sure that you are well hydrated before, during & after your infusion. I’m talking drink water until you want to barf kind of hydrated. If you get dehydrated while getting an infusion then you are more likely to have the flu like side effects.

I also give my daughter a Gas X pill midway through her treatment because she tends to get bloated from it & the Gas X relieves that problem. Talk to your dr about that first though.

Good luck.