Reply To: Relapse????

November 5, 2006 at 5:19 pm


Did you spot where Gene mentioned Neurontin for pain? I have been reading here for a few years now and Neurontin seems to be ‘it’ as regards the pain. Ordinary painkillers won’t touch it.

Just a small note – I had GBS 13 years ago, and have had the occasional ‘totally fatigued, fall down or lie down scenario,’ but over the last 2 weeks it happened twice, rather big time for me as well, and it scared me a little. The oddest thing though is that I also got a couple of sneezing fits – and sneezing is not the norm for me. Quite possibly, it is an allergen or simply the change in the weather. I just thought it a coincidence that it happened to you also. Especially as I am in Southern Ireland.

As regards your job – it’s not weird at all, not really. You want to do the job so you go to work, but at present lack the energy, so you want to stay in bed. I think that is logical. I want to go to work yet I do not like getting out of bed.

I don’t think that you are ‘blabbing on’ – you should see my posts when I get going! If you couldn’t talk here, it would be a sad do.