Reply To: Is This Normal?

October 9, 2006 at 8:05 pm

[QUOTE=K123]Hello Everyone!!
Just A Few More Questions. Here Laetly When I Go To Bed I Feel Lightheaded When I Lay My Head Down. Then For The Past Two Days My Right Arm Has Been Having A Dull Ache, Sometimes Feels Like It Is Asleep, Tingling Also. Haven’t Been Doing Much Just Everyday Things Like A Load Of Laundry. Been Reading A Lot Here. I Also Have Feelings Of Anxiety, Worry About Every Little Thing Trying To Calm Myself Down With Tea. Dr. Refuse To Put Me On Anything “he Doesn’t Believe In It” Is What His Nurse Told Me. Have An Appointment With Him This Coming Thursday Maybe I Can Get Some Relief. Any Advice Will Be Greatly Appreciated. I Understand Everyone Is Different But It Does Help To Talk To Someone.
Think Positive And Positive Things Will Happen[/QUOTE]

Karla – did you have GBS or MF?