Reply To: Just diagnosed?

December 3, 2006 at 10:26 am

Sally and vmac

Sally I am told that a person can expect to see improvements for about two years after the recovery process starts. I am continuing to see improvments four years out, but small. For some of us the pain never goes away but life goes on. I had terrable neck and upper back pain in the hospital that returns periodically, but not often. I wish you well.


Wasn’t that a great game? Was it Hemmingway that said something about the coldest winter he ever had was the summer in SanFrancisco? I don’t think he was ever in the new Seahawks stadium. And no, I watched the game from my couch in front of the fire. I live in Federal Way, south of Normandy Park. I don’t get into Seattle much any more but have spent alot to time in Madison Park in the past. Look me up if you have time when you are in town.