Reply To: new member/cidp

July 31, 2007 at 12:45 am

Hi Vicki

Yes, my ankles and feet swell as well…not very pretty at all. I have CIDP
as well, but for the last ten years.

I also, do my IVIG at home, it’s wonderful. There is a smaller Baxter pump
that’s about the size of a fat wallet, enclosed in a rayon backpack that can
be used instead of the pole pump…while I’m on a 100gram bag for 24 hours,
I go outside, get my mail, make lunch, etc. It is called a camin pump, it runs
on a 9 volt battery that at midnight I change for another one. My home
health company supplies it.

Also, if you are on the IVIG therapy, you might want to think about a chest
port. My veins collasped as well, so the port was put in under my collarbone
over my right breast. It frees my hands to do anything. Especially when you
need to use the bathroom from the IVIG.

Welcome aboard….

Miami Girl 😎