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November 8, 2006 at 9:11 am

Hi! Vicki,

my name is Ruth Watson, I live in the Falkland Islands, I am 31 years old and married to Paul we have three boys aged 13,9 and 2. I was diagnosed with CIDP last December, I have been up and down ever since, I am on imuran at the moment and weaning off steroids, which I hated. the IMMUNOGLOBULIN works wonders for me I had 5 days of it 6 weeks ago as I went down hill very bad while waiting for the IMURAN to work. The last time I had this treatment was when I was waiting for the steroids to work. I have had 6 weeks where I felt almost compleatly normal, I am an Auxiliary nurse in our very small hospital, I have managed to return to work as a bank nurse, I work mainly as a district nurse, I love my job, this condition, has had one advantage for me, I have far more empat:confused: hy for my elderly patients, when they can’t do things for themselves. I just need to talk to someone with the conditon, I am the only one in my country with this, we only have a population of two and a half thousand people. My doctor is in Chilie I have to e-mail him for advice, as I only go to see him when I really need to because of the cost. I am going down hill at the moment, the IMURAN is not working yet, only been on it two months, the I.V. is wearing off, it usually only lasts 6 weeks, I have had 4 of these in the last year, my Doc does not want to give them to me too often, as he says they could stop working. Would love to hear from you and how you are, and what you do to cope. and anyone else for that matter.
all the best