Reply To: Happy Father’s Day

June 18, 2006 at 5:44 pm

Dear Friends:

Today was extra special. My stepson Stephen came by early in the morning and he really needed to play a game of horse at the basketball hoop. Stephen is 25 and he really wanted to beat me and he almost did. It took almost an hour and a half of granny shots, bounce shots, dizzy shots, shots behind the backboard, cavemans, and blindfolded layups before I finally won. I am the king of weird basketball shots and this is the closest Stephen ever came to beating me. I think he might be pretty sad when he finally does win. He was ahead of me for a while and he didn’t look to comfortable with it.

After breakfast, everyone walked down to the promenade and the kids had a light-saber battle on the rocks, played hide and seek, and generally had a good time. On the walk back up the hill we stopped at a junk food store and bought Mentos and 2 liter bottles of warm Diet Coke. When we got home we put 5 Mentos into the Diet Coke and created shooting fountains. This is something everyone should try at least once. Try it outdoors.

Colleen is starting a roast and the kids are up stairs playing with each other. I can hear them laughing and enjoying each other. I think I wore them out. There isn’t much fight left in them this afternoon.

I was supposed to take it easy today and rest, but sometimes it’s easier on you to spend all your extra energy and enjoy your family. Maybe that’s what Father’s Day is all about.