Reply To: The American dream…

February 27, 2010 at 6:31 pm

Dear Irene,

My heart goes out to you. Of course you get tired every couple of hours, I am sure you’ve tried many things holistically (vitamins, nutrition from foods, biofeedback – although I have my doubts about that). I take care of my daughter with CIDP, too bad your mother will not help more than to say go back to PI. I know a lot of people from PI and they do almost anything to stay here, including my daughter in law from Indonesia.

What occurred to me is Lake Havasu is so near CA, CA has Medi-Cal, not sure of the residency requirements, but that would not be too hard to find out. You might have to live on the ‘CA’ side of Havasu (maybe Blythe) for a year or so to be eligible for Medi Cal. Even with the cutbacks they are still fairly generous in care – I know that’s all my daughter has. Look into it

Meanwhile, yes, I think church or place or worship would be a good place to make contacts. I wish for you to be able to get citizenship in the US. Please keep your spirits up only you can do that. I agree with you that your husband needs to recognize what you did for him and that you did it out of love and it’s time to do for you!