Reply To: medi-port

June 17, 2006 at 1:06 am

I remember the second vascular surgeon said for me to find the area just above my soft breast tissue and mark it with a pen for better port placement. He said I’d be on the table and they’d not know the area since I was laying flat. Anyone ever been told this before???
Finished my 3 day infusion marathon. One nurse just started putting a warming pad over my hand/arm for 15 minutes-it makes the veins rise up closer to the skin. She knows her stuff and is much more at ease doing my IV insertions.The other nurse just starts jabbing and saying “the vein is running” and comments I don’t need or want to hear.
One day I blew 6 IV’s.
Yes, I’m a holdout but I may or may not get a port. It’s our decision.