my version of fatigue

August 20, 2008 at 7:45 am


A noteworthy topic in understanding fatigue vs stamina. My experience on this topic is very very similar to what member eightplusfive has talked about.
I have actually stated to my doctor in exactly the same words during my time when I was under initial repair and strengthenging. I have less fatigue but not the stamina.

During active denervation, when I would get up and walk, the first few steps would go OK, then I would go into a severe limp (Fatigue) from 3 deficits. LT calf very weak, Rh knee buckling and RH hip unstable. that would contiue and I could walk for maybe 50-100 yrds only, become exhausted (stamina) and need to sit. If I sat for a few minutes, get up again, the first few steps went OK again, then blown out again.

Upon waking in the morning, would feel good for about an hour then feel like head sleepy and bottom out at the usual place. take about a 3 hr Zonker Nap every day.

During the remission phase, as each day and week passed, the number of steps before the limp started began to increase and the amout of work strength extened and nap time reduced. The fatigue issue got better for about 3 months before the stamina improved. I still do a 1 hr nap every day at around noon, then OK til 9 or 10 at night. I can miss a nap on a day if needed. In remission for 6 months now and can walk about 1/2 hr without the limp, then it starts but I can keep going for a while (1/2 hr), If I sit for a while (5-10 min), I recharge a lot better and last longer.

I had a very hard time understanding if things were better or worse. I would be positive and think I was getting better, but actually I wasn’t. Once I have experience both, I now know the difference and have some level of confidence that I think I can detect the direction I am going. Sorry about the length of this, its hard to short and sweet yet convey.