My Va exp

May 4, 2009 at 2:44 pm

When I got to the Va, they wouldn’t let my wife in the er, she had to wait in the waiting room.
They did a spinal tap an determined it was Gullian Barre. The only treatment they had to offer was the hemo.
I was really quite hungry by this time now as it was getting along about 5 in the evening, but the doctors wouldn’t let me eat because I had thrown-up earlier from the loratabs I had taken. But they went taking any chances as they thought I many develope problems swollowing.
Instead they ghave me the most god awful drink Nutra-cal.
O it was horrible I didn’t drink it.
Through out the night they kept having me blow into a tube the measured my breathing strengh.
By the next day the resp ther was pushing on my chest inorder for me to make my numbers.
Once my wife seen that, she threw a fit an told the doctors what the resp th were doing.
The doctors came in an measured my lung capicity and decided to put me on a vent an also at the same time they put me on a feeding tube.