my pt toward end by istaroaz

June 1, 2008 at 12:38 pm

i was going to pt and we would stand on a mat with my eyes closed and as i say i would wobble and sway like someone on a weekly drunk!!! i only go over to the pt to continue working on a few things but the theripist doesn’t want me to use the wobble board or balance on mat with eyes shut by my self. because he said i was strong and could not justify anymore therapy to hmo state medicaid program i was on because he said until some of the feeling comes back and the proprioception will get better theres not a lot pt can do to make that come any quicker. i had a severe case of gbs my neurologist thought i would never get out of the nursing home.i showed them!! debs could you give me some info on pilotes? i too have weak core strenght its better than it was but not100%.