My my

July 22, 2006 at 12:13 pm

U won’t git any smypthany from me. I’ve been depressed. I still git depressed. Just yesterday I was riding the mule down to the eye doctor. Suddenly, I realized I had hemmorids. I was depressed all day. *sigh* Somedays u don’t even know why. It’s just a stage. Sweep it away with that guitar, watever makes u happy..Just cause u in a funk today, don’t mean u will be in one tomorrow. Don’t worry so much, God’s got it all worked out anyway. Hey, I came up with this thearpy for myself. I started a list of songs to learn. I picked the top drinkin songs, some slow dance songs, and some blues I think I can sing and play.. Out of that bunch I picked the ones I really liked. I practice till my left hand don’t work. It don’t take long. hehe. Then I practice Singin.. So, my neighbors are depressed, not me…..I’m suprised when I wake up in the morning, every day is bonus day, for all of us.
Heee Hawwww

Ain’t it good to be alive and be in Tennessee.

Hell yeah.