My life is like a bad country song…

December 21, 2006 at 12:36 am

Hey guys, I am really beginning to believe I have done something wrong…You all know my kids great grandpa died in october, then my son totaled his car, then my dad passed away and then i had to have surgery and biopsies done, next my sister in law was diagnosed with cancer and her kidney removed. Well on monday I realized my black lab was extremely sick, he hadn’t been eating well for a couple of weeks but i thought he was upset because i had changed his food. but on monday morning he wouldn’t get up or walk or anything, i had found him outside laying by my garage door. I loaded him into my car and took him to the vet. he was nothing but bones. he was such a loveable dog but did not ever allow someone to initiate contact with him, he had to be the one to intiate it. he took care of me when i came home from the hospital and never left my side when i was outside. anyway, after taking him to the vet the doc called me and said he had a mass in his lungs and he would try to take a better xray on tuesday morning. he was pretty sure it was cancer. on tuesday morning he called and said our beloved Miracle had passed away inthe night. He had lung cancer, kidney and liver cancer and an enlarged heart. me and my kids have been devastated. It is so hard to lose a pet and on top of everything else this has been so difficult. I felt guilty, had i known he was going to pass away i would have kept himhome that night and just held his head in my lap. Last week he was playful and chasing the horses and cows in the field so i have a hard time dealing with the fact that he went so quickly. We will always love and miss him and hope there is a doggy heaven where he can run and play and be with Grandpa Price again. Thanks for caring everyone.