my husband does not have a diagnosis yet either

January 9, 2008 at 3:31 pm

I hope we are not on the same course. After lots of pushing and some crying my husband has decided to get another opinion. He will still get the nerve bioposy and hoping this will show something. What I want to know did you investigate this at all. He would not have agreed to it if spinal tap showed cidp.Did you get either of these done? I do not know your earlier threads as we are new to this.

I would like to know what some of these initals are: mg,pe’s ncs/emg’s . He has had a nerve induction test 2 times now and some blood tests,mri,and cat scan. Also on vitamin B 12 and lyrica for pain and cymbalta

I surely hope you find someone to help you. Going to John Hospkins, Mayo ,or any of these are probably your best bet. We are hoping the neurologist will send us to u of Alabama. Mr. O. as our neur studied under him.
Thanks and hope you get help