My husband called his boss and told him he might

June 1, 2009 at 7:38 am

My husband just called his boss and told him he might be in today or might not. He is going to call several doctors today my Rheumy and Neurologist and see whom can see me! One is in Wilson and the other one is in Greenville. Hopefully the Wilson doctor will see me for I really don’t feel like riding to Greenville. Last night was even bad and I am going to increase the steroids again this morning. I kept getting a nerve in my right foot too that was acting up. Sharp sharp pain in the heel of my foot and everytime it would strike pain it went all the way up to my neck like being electrically shocked. Left leg this morning is still dead feeling. I have had motor and sensory nerve damage but the motor nerve damage comes and goes. But this time it hit a certain area and I can barely walk. Been using my wheelchair this morning and yesterday between bedrest. I am already dressed this morning just in case they tellus to come on in. So just waiting for the offices to open up so we can make the calls! I hate taking high doses of steroids too for I fear that word Hip Replacement. I too have weak bones because of long term use and the day is coming when the Prednisone might not help me there either! When it rains it poors. Hope its just a flare and not CNS problems. But the way I felt last night and this morning. I think it’s CNS Lupus. My head was pounding last night.