my formula

April 12, 2007 at 4:08 pm

let me reply to the damage to the teeth concerns, I have taken this formula for 6 years, I see the dentist twice a year for cleaning (no acid damage),my father has taken this formula a lot longer then me, no acid damage (he is 93, best bowler in his league beats, all the younger men). When I was diagnosed with CIDP there were 5 patients in this country, there were no forums like this one that I know of. I found this forum researching CIDP on WEB MD, my intention was to pass along my formula for those that it may help. Everyone is different,there-for this formula may have a different effect on evreyone. Be patient, don’t give up, it took 7-8 months for it to have an effect on me, may be different on other people.This will be my last post, if anyone wants to contact me, please do so by e-mail, I will respond . Good Luck to you all.