My father!

August 3, 2008 at 4:45 pm

When my father was living he had a really bad neuropathy in his feet from diabetes plus he suffered from frost bite during the Korean War being a POW. He was a patient in the VA Hospital and got his check-up’s there for free because of his disabilities. When he passed away, my mom gave me his boxes of Zostrix that the VA sent him every month. My dad used the cream but not much. Only when he felt the burning sensations. He had over 30 boxes of that cream. So far I have not had to buy any and use it alot for the burning pain. But you are right! it burns if out in the sun and if you have a sore somewhere it will sting some. But really some good stuff. Thanks for telling me about the other stuff. But for right now, I have enough of that cream to last me a few years. And at least I have saved a few dollars on that. My other meds run me into some money each month though. Medical bills are not cheap! Hard to be sick and then be forced to pay the bills!