My day as a cidp lecturer

April 8, 2009 at 10:49 pm

I did not do a lecture but I did a power point on CIDP for my anatomy and physiology class. I am going to school for a certified medical assistant. My husband was the one with CIDP. The teacher asked us to pick a topic that was close to us or a family member. I picked CIDP because no one knows what it is. I made a 98 on the power point. I did a lot of research after I found out my husband had it. What surprise me is a lot of doctors do not know about it. After class many of the students came up to me and told me it was a very good presentation. It was also therapeutic for me because I never really realized how much my husband suffered until I did the power point. I believe all doctors need to know the early signs so they can send them to a neurologist.I am really missing my husband but I know he is not suffering any more. My beloved husband passed away Nov 21st 2008 just this passed Thanksgiving. We did not have much of a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Valentines was hard for me also. I have started getting depressed because we always had such a big deal at Easter. We are going to celebrate Easter with turkey and dressing since we never had the turkey dinner. April 21st will be 5 months since he passed. Good luck on your treatments.