My case could have been diagnosed so easily

April 23, 2011 at 1:32 am

I walked into the a Neuro’s office with severe tinling from my bilateral toes and up towards my knees. It was getting progressively worse. I also had bilateral tingling from my finger tips and up my arms. I had a severely unsteady gait. I couldn’t stand up with my eyes closed as I would tip over. I was dropping things and could no longer care for myself. I gave her a piece of paper with 8 separate diagnosis’ on it and asked if she wanted to make a copy. I told her I would really like to be checked for these. One of the dx I listed was CIDP. I asked straight out for a lumbar puncture and an EMG. She refused both. Had she done even an EMG at that point I would be walking today. She always had a way of convincing me that my symptoms would go away on there own. I believed her. There is just sooo much more to the story. It would knock your sock off to hear it all.