My 2 cents worth

February 9, 2010 at 5:07 am

Hi Dean and Pam H.
I often think of you both, especailly in relation to treatments and Dr Parry.
Firstly am pleased Dean to hear you are out there in the snow with your kids etc, and given time am sure the tailbone will recover!!!!!!!!;)
Thought i would share my latest complaint – just for a bit of lite relief. Full scale super huge blisters to my heels!!! (yeah thats all!!!!) and you wana know how come, cause i am out there smelling the roses – more accurately, training for one of New Zealands highest mountain races!!!! And having a blast! am still needing a few pills and potions here and there (fortnightly IVIG, weekly immunos, and weekly pulse steriods – 600mg) but heh is it a buzz and do i feel alive up in the middle of no-where!!!!!! Am still able to throw in a half marathon run without killing myself, as well as work in a great job, and be the best mum and wife i want to be!!!
Hope everyone has a great year, and manages to find some roses to smell!!!
All the best and heres to keeping looking to the positives of the future for us all!!
(Pam I understand and support your thoughts on people moving on from the forum once they get their lives back etc,good on them – for me i am currently not living with any disabilities – but continue to keep an eye on the forum as i continue to keep up to date with treatment options etc, and for this I appreciate those who are willing to share)
Many thanks again – and yes what a beauty day today.. a nice toasty 26 degree C!!!!! (hope you are all warm and cosy in the northern hemi!!!!)