Muscle spasms and feeling the "electrical shock"…

July 26, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Hi Brian,
Yes, I also felt the exact same symptoms you describe, years back, when I was first diagnosed. The team of doctors I have, played with different meds to stop them.
They gave me Gabapentin, (Neurontin), and played with the dose until the “electrical shock” would stop.
And the leg/arm spasms would be very bad sometimes, waking me up at night with bad pain from the spasms. They put me on Flexeril 10mg 3 times daily.
It had calmed down alot with the Flexeril, but did not totally alleviate the spasms, so they added Valium 2mg three times daily, with the Flexeril, and the spasms stopped.
Give these meds a try–it helps greatly.