Muscle slimming

March 16, 2009 at 6:50 pm

I like the description — muscle slimming. Yes, I experienced that. In the past three months my muscles have been filling out my skin. I do not have my original strength yet. When I fell last week, I could not catch myself. But at my worst, I could not take the hanger off the rod in the closet, could not raise my arms over my shoulder heigth. My husband had to help me dress. When I dried my hair I had to prop up the hair dryer and basically lay my head on the vanity. I have made a lot of progress!! When I feel “rock solid” (as my doctor described it) we are going to start extending the length of time between infusions. I am currently at every three weeks. We will begin extending a week and see where it goes. The dosage amount is to stay the same, just the interval adjusted. I think I am about there. I am ready to see if I could eventually get off the IVIG treatments. This improvement has taken a full year. I have been told and read that at 18 months of treatments, most people have improved as much as they ever will. Even if I do not improve more in the next six months, I can handle it, I am functional. But, I plan on getting back to normal!!!!!