Muscle Biopsy Webpage

March 5, 2011 at 9:04 pm

For a really good understanding of what they might be doing with your muscle biopsy consider going to this website:


For example, here is what they say about Atrophy:

“[I]…Atrophy (H&E; ATPase): Also see Fiber type disorders

* Small rounded fibers: Myopathy (Regeneration; Chronic); Type I smallness
* Small angular fibers: Neuropathy; Type 2 atrophy; Inclusion body myopathies
* Grouped: Neuropathy with denervation
o Multiple small groups: Most commonly associated with ALS
o Large groups: Chronic denervation; Motor neuron disease
o Rule out: Myopathic grouping
* Perifascicular: Dermatomyositis …[/I]”

Read this website’s discussion of muscle biopsy and then you may get an idea what to look for and what questions to ask after you get a copy of the biopsy report.