Multifocal form of CIDP

July 8, 2008 at 1:27 pm

The Dr. Neuro’s exact diagnosis is the Multifocal form of CIDP (lewis, sumner, brown, asbury) (My Dr. is Brown). Where white spots are associated with this syndrome.

As far as the hightened sensitivity. This has happened only once since my diagnosis. Afterward and up to now, I have made strength improvements, duration and recovered some sensory loss. I have had the sensitivity thing happen many, many times that dates back 20 years or so. I never knew what it was. I always called it “a chill in my leg” or head or arm or what ever.

I have been suffering many onsets for a good 20 years. I believe it is now that I have come to understand what it is that I am feeling. I wrote off past pains and problems and didn’t understand what it was. I also feel many others may have had involvement alot longer than they know and that it is not realized until there is something one can’t do til the troubleshooting the problem occurs. Best I can tell I have a relapsing remitting type. Based on a life long history of unexplained aches and pains that disappear.